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Head of Physics department speech

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Head of Physics department speech

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful Praise be to Allah through whom all the righteous deeds are fulfilled and as it is mentioned in the holy Quran: “My Lord! May you increase my knowledge. " And as His Messenger Peace Be Upon Him said: " Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”. Accordingly, the department of physics is looking forward to promoting the student’s academic and scientific standards. Therefore the student would be able to achieve the necessary basic knowledge and be up-to-date with the modern science in the field of physics. The department of physics is also determined to build a link between basic sciences (theory) and applied sciences (practice). Thus, it is expected to utilize science as a means of development, promotion and progress for our nation. We will strive to establish a high academic and research system in our department by cooperating with other departments within khulais faculty and with other departments in KAU. All the academic staff are dedicated to offer the students the best academic services to bring them up-to-date and keep pace with the best educational systems in the world. In the future the department aims at establishing high standard research laboratories for the various fields of physics in order to provide the best research services for the graduate students and the community as well.

Dr.Farid El-khateb
Head of The Physics department

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