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About The Physics Department

About The Physics Department

About The Physics Department

Foundation of the Department

The Department of Physics is one of the departments of the Faculty of Science and Arts, Khulais which was established in the academic year 1430/1431 H.


The department of physics intends to excel in the local, regional and global levels in terms of providing academic and research services in order to contribute in the growth and progress of our nation and offer support for the scientific research and the projects in the Kingdom and on the regional level.


The Department of Physics adopt plans to provide the best educational service to teach the basics of physics and its applications for all the students of physics, within Khulais faculty and in other colleges in the university as well as to build a research system with the latest international standards.


  • To equip graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of physics and its applications in order to serve in the areas of education, industry and scientific research.
  • To contribute to the preparation and development of specialists in the other sciences through the teaching of physics in the faculty departments and in other scientific colleges.
  • To prepare the student to pursue his post graduate studies and scientific research in various physical sciences and their applications.
  • To play a role in the development plans of the Kingdom by participating in solving scientific and industrial problems which encounter those plans and to set scientific projects that support the development plans.
  • To hold training courses by specialists in physics in coordination with the employers for the purpose of keeping up-to-date of the new issues in physics.

Work Fields for Graduates:

The student who graduates from the department of physics is able to complete his studies in this department or at other universities provided that he meets the admission requirements. A Bachelor’s degree holder from the department of physics can pursue his post graduate studies in other scientific areas such as electronics, communications, space science, astrophysics and medical physics, meteorology, and nuclear engineering and science materials and metals, the physics. There are several areas for those who want to work after receiving a bachelor's degree such as:

  • Academic or technical work at universities and colleges or teaching in schools (Ministry of Education).
  • Assistant researcher at King Abdul-Aziz research center.
  • Working in the national factories (such as iron and steel, petrochemicals, and glass).
  • Technical professions in the Ministry of Defense and Aviation and Meteorology and the Army, Navy and Interior.
  • Scientific and technical research centers, quality laboratories of the Ministry of Commerce and the Specifications and Standards Organization.
  • Ministry of Health: such as hospitals, assistant in radiation protection after obtaining a certificate of specialization from the City of King Abdul-Aziz.
  • Desalination plants and atomic energy , the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and Geological Survey Organization.

Degrees awarded by the Department::

The department of physics grants a bachelor's degree in physics

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